Low Cost High Value Online Media Placements And Authority Backlinks Or Your Money Back

Everyone in SEO has known for years that Google generally ranks “brands” and “authority sites” more highly than the rest of us mere mortals. In the past, becoming an authority site really was hard work, but we can help you make it happen.

As you know, authority sites have authority backlinks pointing to them and those links are the holy grail of white hat SEO.

Would you like an article about the subject of your business written and placed onto a big online media property, in front of their audience? You will get a mention and/or a link back to your site.

Hopefully this will lead to traffic, some enquiries and sales leads, but if not, it is still a link from a powerful media site which is very good for your SEO profile.

Placement is mostly happening direct with the writers and not through the media outlet, which is why the prices below are so much lower than you would normally expect from a media firm. This means that your post/link will usually appear on an existing blog or column within the site. The DA/PA of these inner pages will be different to the homepage numbers you see below.

There are no guarantees about whether a link on one of these sites will generate leads for your business. The results will be different from business to business and sector to sector, but clearly, being in front of a much larger audience ought to be a good thing.

A placement like this will be most useful for companies trying to find new clients internationally or those that need to rank their website in a competitive market online.

Let’s listen to Matt Cutts explain how Google sorts between popularity and authority in their algorithm:

Current Inventory / March 2016:

Property / Notes / DA / Link Status / Cost (US$)

bizcommunity.com / Africa / 60 / do follow / $430
business2community.com / US / 80 / do follow / $460
tweakyourbiz.com / Business & marketing / 50 / do follow / $240
wamda.com / Entrepreneurship & Middle East / 60 / do follow / $360

blogactiv.eu / EU policy & finance / 55 / do follow / $300
cnafinance.com / Stocks & investing / 40 / do follow / $200
seekingalpha.com / Investment & economics / 86 / no follow / $220

General Interest
buzzfeed.com / General / 92 / no follow / $400
conservapedia.com / General / 58 / no follow / $180 (link only)
examiner.com / US focused / 88 / no follow / $200
inquisitr.com / US focused / 76 / do follow / $550
instablogs.com / India / 43 / no follow / $415
lifehack.org / General / 79 / do follow / $300
rocketnews.com / US & finance / 47 / do follow / $385
theglobaldispatch.com / US focused / 38 / do follow / $375

blogs.naturalnews.com / General health / 83 / do follow / $240
blogs.psychcentral.com / Mental health / 84 / do follow / $350
cafemom.com / Parenting / 70 / do follow / $290
dentaltown.com / Dental health / 41 / do follow / $190
empowher.com / Female / 52 / no follow / $240
everydayhealth.com / General health / 86 / no follow / $125
healthline.com / General health / 84 / no follow / $240
medicalmingle.com / General health / 44 / do follow / $275

dailykos.com / US liberal / 87 / do follow / $700
digitaljournal.com / International news / 78 / no follow / $420
eureporter.co / EU policy / 33 / do follow / $300 (link only)
kyivpost.com / Ukraine / 72 / do follow / $370
newsok.com / US local / 79 / do follow / $460
newswire.net / Various / 55 / no follow / $260
praguepost.com / Central Europe expats / 63 / do follow / $320
riotimesonline.com / Brazil expats / 45 / do follow / $325
thecostaricanews.com / Caribbean / 48 /
tntmagazine.com / London & travel / 47 / do follow / $550

sportskeeda.com / All sports / 46 / no follow / $320

builtinchicago.org / Tech & startups / 56 / no follow / $340
huffingtonpost.com / Tech only / 96 / do follow / $700
killerstartups.com / Tech news & startups / 63 / do follow / $460
tech.co / Tech news & apps / 72 / do follow / $300
yfsmagazine.com / Startups & entrepreneurship / 42 / do follow / $230

Do you have a story?
If you happen to be a tech firm or start-up with a compelling story to tell, we can make introductions to a handful of very important tech sites and pitch your company as a story to write about. Some of these firms will charge to write about you, some will do it for free.

Usual web rules apply:
No gaming, no porn, no payday loans, no hate, no warez, etc
Links are permanent
Posts are written by an experienced writer
You will have little or no editorial control over the content
Expect the content to be a positive slant on your sector plus link
Post will be online within approximately 14 days
Please remember that these are very big sites with very large audiences – your content is extremely unlikely to appear on the homepage!

Our Guarantee
Simple: If a post cannot be placed as expected, you will receive a full refund of your money for the undelivered post or a discount on the next post – whichever you prefer.

We consider the articles and links to be “Permanent” which means no monthly or annual rental payments. The prices we quote are one-time payments.

However, the reality is that we do not control what may happen with the properties in the future. Therefore, if the articles and links are removed at some point in the future, we cannot offer or provide refunds then. We hope you understand.

If your website is in good order and poised for success, links like these ought to help your rankings substantially. However, we do not guarantee SERP rankings increases for your site.

Why do the prices vary?
You might be wondering why some sites seem to have the same sort of metrics but be priced very differently. As we mainly work with the writers, we negotiate a price directly and then add our small mark-up. Different writers price their time and effort very differently! We just try and offer high quality locations at the most reasonable prices we can.

What to expect
We will work with you to select appropriate site(s) for your niche or sector.

While purchasing any sort of link is forbidden by big G, the reality is that writers need to eat too! Unlike the usual guest posting type of site (no-name low quality mass posted blogs), these are well known and very powerful media properties. These are the types of links that you are meant to be getting for your site but find virtually impossible to do. Now you and your clients can.

About your site
The page being linked to needs to be a high quality content page packed full of useful information. Even though you are paying, these sites still won’t link to junk. Sorry.

Therefore, we do not accept squeeze pages, opt in forms or sales letters as destination links.

For best results
Ideally, your website should be well established, have had all the right on-site and on-page work done, already have some clean inbound links and be Panda/Penguin penalty free.

Need something else?
If you would like more specific options, such as niche related guest post options please ask. We can arrange placements on dozens of niche sites.

Get in touch!
If you would like to find out what we can do to help your website with strong authority links, please get in touch by emailing me at stuart123567 at gmail dot com and we can discuss your goals and situation. I hope to hear from you soon.